• Administrative costs (non operation expenses) can never exceed 20%
  • Board members outside of initial founders are required to be veterans of IDF/USA combat service
  • Preference towards reserve units due to lack of support?
    • 50% will be reserved for based reserve need list minimum?

Mission Statement:

EquipASoldier.com is a charitable organization providing gear, services and funds to Combat Soldiers – specifically in the form of individual soldier needs under the categories defined in our ‘need assessment’ including categories of: tools for combat fitness, physical therapy, special gear needs, special financial support

Need assessment:

Reserve soldiers in IDF that decide to leave the country either temporary or permanently, but still want to fulfill their reserve obligations are fully responsible for travel expenses.  There are many large organizations that provide various needs to soldiers, but none of them support directly reserve soldiers.  We seek to help meet extraordinary expenses to combat soldiers:

  • Medical
    • Custom foot orthotics
    • Physical therapy
  • Gear
    • Custom boots
      • Weight of boots
      • Length
      • Width
    • Custom sights for weapons
      • Lack of funding to provide ideal scenario for Tafkid with sights
    • Miscellaneous equipment not included in ‘package’ provided by IDF
  • Financial Support
    • Soldier in transition between jobs, etc – needs supplemental income
  • Immigrant Soldiers
    • Migrated and staying in country
      • Family support
        • Child care while father is away on duty
      • Income bonus to soldiers that are:
          • Independent contractors
          • Small startup business owners
    • Left country, want to continue service
      • Funds to travel to Israel for training
      • Funds to travel to Israel for war
  • Extreme Scenarios
    • Ex: soldier has a disorder, but with proper x, y and z can still fulfill his reserve obligations